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The Chainsmokers Newest Singles Are a Departure From Previous Work

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Initially consisting of Alex Pall and DJ Rett Bixler The Chainsmokers reformed in 2012. Now an EDM DJ Duo The Chainsmokers consist of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. The new duo came about after Drew heard a rumor that a duo under the management by Adam Alpert of New York City had an opening and immediately left Maine for New York. With a few years as a mainstream band and some successful hits under their belt, most notably their 2014 hit “#SELFIE”. Which gave a light-hearted view of peoples obsession with taking selfies. The Chainsmokers “#SELFIE” reached the top twenty in many countries and helped The Chainsmokers reach worldwide success.

The Chainsmokers quickly followed the success of “#SELFIE” with the release of their EP Bouquet. The Chainsmokers collaborated with Elizabeth Mencel better known by her stage name of Rozes on the single “Roses”. Rozes’ dulcet tone and the soulful sound of the single guaranteed it was an instant hit, and the single climbed to number six out of the top ten when featured on Billboards Hot 100.

Unlike their previous singles which light-hearted and sometimes romantic feel. The Chainsmokers newest releases are a departure from their previous work. Their 2018 single “Sickboy” lyrics tackle the controversial topics of religion, narcissism, lies, and the worth of a human life. With its subtle message embedded in its lyrics “Sickboy” is a commentary on society.

The Chainsmokers lyrics for “Sickboy” are noticeably darker than their previous releases and their follow up single “You Owe Me” continues with this theme. “You Owe Me” uses its lyrics to express The Chainsmokers feelings on the topic of fame. The title of The Chainsmokers most recent single “Don’t Let Me Down” says it all. Just like the lyrics explain when you feel like you are losing your mind all that you need is a miracle and you don’t want to be let down. It is clear from The Chainsmokers newest releases that the light-hearted days are gone, and this grimmer darker view of the world will keep influencing their work.


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