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Adam Milstein, Israel’s most renowned philanthropist

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With an empire that is worth more than $ 2 billion dollars in real estate, Adam Milstein has become one of Israel’s most renowned business mogul and a philanthropist. His investments and charitable acts towards his community have made him a very respectable member of the community. The great success that Adam Milstein has enjoyed over the years in real estate has been propelled by the fact all his properties are under the management of Hager Pacific Properties. Additionally, he also acts as its managing partner. As a managing partner, he is tasked with overseeing the company’s finances.

As result of his investments, Adam Milstein has significantly changed Israel’s landscape through the many beautiful buildings constructed under him. In addition to his great success as business mogul and investor, Adam Milstein is also famous for his charitable acts making him one of Israel’s most pro-active philanthropists. His generosity towards others in the society has enabled him to establish very strong ties with his Jewish community both in Israel and outside its borders. In order to ensure that his charitable acts are felt far and large in the Jewish community, Adam Milstein teamed up with his wife to establish a foundation.

Through their foundation, both Adam and his wife have been able to help mentor many students from all over the world with Jewish decent towards reconnecting with the ancestral homeland. The foundation funds many of the programs which try to educate these students about the importance of understanding their roots. This is very important as it has helped many of these students to appreciate where they came from as Jews.

As a form of recognition to the important role that his foundation undertook in reconnecting Jew students from around the world with Israel, Adam Milstein name was enlisted into as one of top 200 social entrepreneurs and philanthropists. In addition to all his charitable acts, Adam Milstein also helped in founding the Israeli-American Council which plays a very important role in fostering a mutually beneficial agreement between the United States and Israel. Adam has for many years helped the council in the establishment of a favorable American foreign policy towards Israel and its people.