Samuel Strauch And His Numerous Business

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Samuel Strauch is a licensed real estate broker. He runs a successful real estate business in Latin America and South Florida with over 14 years experience. He has a remarkable reputation for selling homes and condominiums in record time.

He is currently the principal of Metrik Real Estate, he handles the purchase of high end properties for his clients, he focuses on sourcing the capital to acquire and develop properties. He also handles the management of the said properties.

He graduated from the Hofstra University in New York and also studied at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam as well as the prestigious Harvard University. Apart from real estate, he loves to invest in restaurant business and internet based ventures.

He started his career as a banker but later decided to join his family in real estate business, where he obtained extensive experience before opening Metrik.

Samuel Strauch said, he got his motivation for Metrik 15 years ago, when he moved to Miami and discovered that there were great opportunities for the tourist town to develop into a full fledged city. He had a lot of influential contacts from his trips to Latin America, he knew he could persuade them to invest.

Mr Strauch is known for his philosophical words that motivate and inspire others. In one of his numerous interviews, he said he likes to instal the concept of happiness on others. He said life improves when people are happy and productive, at home or at work.

When he is not involved in his various businesses, he enjoys art and photography.

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