Luiz Carlos Trabuco Welcomes His Replacement to Bradesco

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Bradesco announced on Monday, February 5, 2018, that Luiz Carlos Trabuco would be replaced by Octavio de Lazari Jr, as the bank’s president. However, Trabuco would hold on to his role until the next meeting of the board slated for March. Octavio de Lazari appointment followed the full appointment and succession process which is endorsed by the Secession and Appointments Committee of the organization. He emerged top among the seven vice presidents that were under consideration.

When announcing the appointment, Luiz Carlos Trabuco put it categorically that Bradesco recognizes Lazarai’s personal merits that would be executed exemplary in ensuring continuity and freshness in the bank’s financial scenarios. Before he became the president, Lazari served as the executive deputy president and CEO of Bradesco Seguros Group. He holds a bachelor degree in Economic science from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science of Osasco. He has a specialization in Financial Strategies and Marketing from Fundação Instituto de Administração – FIA; Financial Management, FGV, and Strategies in Finance.

Octavio Lazari started his career with Bradesco in 1978 serving as a branch continuum and later as an agent manager. With experience and hard work, he was promoted to work in the credit area as a director in 1998. His responsibilities included responding to the group’s SMEs and retail segments. After successful and profitable work, he rose to the rank of departmental director for the Department of Loans and Financing in 2010. In 2012, he was appointed to the Board of Executive Officers. In 2017, he was elected as the Executive Officer deputy president and CEO of the Bradesco Seguros Group.

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Apart from Bradesco, he served as the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Brazilian Association of Real Estate Credit and Savings Entities (Abecip). He also served as sector director of real estate credit and savings and vice president of Febraban’s credit operations portability governance committee, among other positions in entities of the sector.

The departure of Luiz Carlos Trabuco from Bradesco’s management was delayed with the extension of the age limit to exercise the position of CEO of the financial institution, which increased from 65 to a maximum of 67 years in September 2016. This extension was due to the tragic death of the main candidate for the successor, Marco Antonio Rossi, the president and deputy of Bradesco Seguros, in a plane crash.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been the Chief Executive Officer of Banco Bradesco S.A. since March 10, 2009, and served as its Executive Vice President. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Bradesco Seguros. Since March 2003, he worded as the President of Grupo Bradesco Seguros. He has been the Chairman and Director of Odontoprev S.A since December 23, 2009. He serves as a Director of Bradespar S.A. He serves as an Internal Director of the bank. He has served as a Grupo Bradesco Seguros’ Director since March 2003.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was the President of ANAPP, the National Association for Private Pension Plans from 1994-2000, and an affiliate of the managing board for the Brazilian Association for Listed Companies (ABRASCA) from 2000 – 2003. He received a post-graduate degree from USP’s Faculty of Sociology and Politics and graduated from the Philosophy, Sciences, Languages, and Arts Faculty of the University of Sao Paulo (USP).


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