Dr. Saad Saad Talks About His Career and Making His Family Proud

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Dr. Saad Saad granted an interview on the eve of his retirement to talk about his long history in the medical field and in life. In the interview, he revealed what transformed him from the child he used to be into the child that would become the man he is today. The words were spoken by his father in times of great turmoil. He was a young boy in Palestine when Israel went through a political change. His family was taken from their home and sent to the West Bank, and it all happened in a flash.

His mother and siblings were not sure what was going to happen or if they were going to be given the opportunity to return home. Saad’s father was not home when this extraction happen, and the family was torn apart for what seemed like forever though it only took the father a short amount of time to find his family. There was no doubt that the family was suffering after this drastic moment in time. Saad’s father was obviously worried, but he had something that kept him going and that was knowledge. His father was a petroleum mechanic, which was a very important job. It did not take him too long to find a job and provide for his family once again.

At that moment, his father’s words truly transformed Saad and his siblings. Saad’s father told them that education is vital in this world. He told them that pursuing knowledge and truly attaining a profession that matters to people is one way to secure an honest livelihood in this world. No matter what happens in the world, having knowledge to fall back on makes all the difference in the world.

All of his fathers children became successful in various careers. Two became surgeons like Dr. Saad and two are doctors. His older brothers joined the engineering community of the world while another became a teacher to help the young dream bigger just like Saad’s family did.

Dr. Saad came to the United States after traveling to a number of places in the world like Egypt and England. Both of those locations were great to him, but something about America just felt right to him, which is part of the reason he made it his home. It was here where he finished his education and became a full Board Certified Pediatric Surgeon in this country.

Saad practiced medicine for 47 years and they were great years. He helped families have healthier children. He saw young impoverished children in Jerusalem leave his office healthier after providing free care in the many Medical Missions to Jerusalem that he participated in. In essence, he saw his father’s dreams come true through his accomplishments and that made him feel good inside. Learn more: https://medium.com/@dr1saadsaad

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