Doe Deere and the Inspiration of Lime Crime

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It’s always amazing to see a new company come forward seemingly out of nowhere, and watch the upstart take on the big players through passion, innovation and true business savvy. This is the story behind Lime Crime Cosmetics, a small yet truly innovative cosmetics company that has rocked the industry with its unique approach to online branding and its amazing commitment to out of left field colors and looks.


An Intriguing Startup


Lime Crime was started by Russian emigre Doe Deere. Deere grew up mostly in New York, and the city seems to have fed her knack for creative branding. Before she made her name with Lime Crime, Deere was in a rock band in New York (which she helped promote) and she was also a fashion student and then fashion entrepreneur. All of these experiences helped her in her quest to create a makeup company that has been a bit of a game changer in the industry.


True Internet Savvy


Deere has truly been fearless in her exploration of color and new ways of creating products. Her liquid to matte lip color is certified vegan and animal cruelty free, and it’s become an industry standard. Her amazing use of color, with lipsticks ranging from purple to green, yellow, beige, hot pink and blue, has provoked new trends in the industry as well. Deere has worked closely with chemists to develop these products, and there is no doubt these looks have caught on. The way Lime Crime’s lip colors wear has been ground-breaking as well, and is another reason why customers keep coming back for more.



Staying With Youthful Inspirations


Deere has long been in love with fairy tales and myths, and these passions serve as an undercurrent for the Lime Crime product line. The unicorn is an inspiration for the company’s brand image, and the whimsical beauty of this mythical creature can be seen behind many of Lime Crime’s colors and product ideas. For Deere, the unicorn serves as an inspiration not only because of its whimsy, but also because it is a creature that dares to be different. The unicorn has no choice but to be what it is, and Deere sees this as a symbol of the unique kind of women who choose to wear Lime Crime. For Deere, being who you are, in all your special style, is what it’s all about, and it’s what her company is all about, too.

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