Dick DeVos Helps Others

Dick DeVos is someone that people have become well acquainted with as he has given back so much to education. I think that people appreciate a businessman like this that realizes the need to give back. He is a billionaire several times over, but he is also a Christian that believes to whom much is given much is required.


People that have heard of Dick DeVos are well aware that he has engaged in many different business ventures. I know of Dick Devos because he is someone that had a famous father that I looked up to. His father started Amway, and many people know about this company and all the products that they could buy through this organization.


Dick DeVos put his time into taking care of this business and paving a way to success after his father passed the torch. I think that this was a commendable thing for him to do, and I believe that this also allowed him to cut his teeth on what it would be like to be in a leadership role.


From this point Dick DeVos would be able to move on and start other companies outside of Amway. He would continue to stay in a leadership role as he picked up the paste and ventured into other areas of business.


The Dubose family has given a lot back to education, and I certainly believe that this is all a result of the fascination that Dick DeVos had with investing in other businesses. He has been able to give back a substantial amount to the education system because he has made a lot of good business decisions.


Dick DeVos has been the investor that has always stayed in touch with his core principles of getting to know about the business that he is investing in. He has never been one to simply throw money into a business without being passionate about it. This is the same trait that his father had. That is why he was successful with Amway. In the very same way this is the reason that Dick Devos has also been successful in his business endeavors.


I commend him for that, and I also appreciate the fact that he started a foundation with his wife where even more money could be given to school systems. It definitely shows that Dick Devos is a person that cares about helping others succeed.


Visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/ to learn more.

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