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Fabletics Continues to Shine as More Brick and Mortar Stores Arrive

It is obvious that people are starting to take more interest in the clothing industry and the way that it has evolved. Various consumers are shopping online and getting everything that they need without getting out into the crowds in stores. Some people do not want to face long lines. Others may be too busy to actually go out. This is why an online athletic clothing store like Fabletics was able to thrive with an online crowd.


Fabletics became the company that people were aware of because it was connected to celebrity Kate Hudson. Eventually the brand would become an apparel line that would be able to stand even without the recognition of Kate Hudson because it became known for affordable and comfortable clothes. This is what Kate Hudson wanted for this brand. She wanted a company that would be able to thrive even if her celebrity name was not attached to it. In order to do this she knew that she would have to go against the comfort zone that she was in with the e-commerce site that she created along with co-founders Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler.


When people look at big cyber stores like Amazon there does not seem to be a whole lot of logic in opening physical stores. This is, however, unless you are an entrepreneur that is selling athletic clothing. For Kate Hudson she knew that competing against a big cyber store like Amazon was going to be rough. She also realized that the only way that she could truly compete successfully is by going beyond what Amazon was able to do.


Kate made plans to open up as many as 100 stores for the Fabletics brand in the next three to five years. No one is going to see Amazon with a clothing store within this time period. Amazon sells a ton of different things so it really is not economically feasible for the founder Jeff Bezos to engage in a full on Amazon clothing store. Besides, most of the clothes that are sold through Amazon are sold through third-party vendors.


What Hudson has recognized over time is that people that are fans of the Fabletics brand are the ones that are excited about the look of these clothes. Many women also want to know about the feel of these clothes. Many of these women want to try clothes on before they buy.

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