Betsy DeVos Fights the Good Fight

Betsy DeVos is well-known for her philanthropy (, Christian devotion and concern for children. Her advocacy brought her into the world of politics, first in Michigan and now at the national level. For many career politicians, she seemed like an unusual choice for Secretary of Education. But since her appointment, she has shown herself to be a real fighter. DeVos is making real progress, even in the face of sizeable obstacles.

DeVos has never shied away from conflict when principle is at stake. DeVos has been shocked by the deterioration in public schools over the past several decades. As a mother and a Christian, she believes that children deserve more. Betsy DeVos and her husband, Dick, have used their fortune to advocate for change in the crumbling Michigan schools for years. It’s a personal quest on their part, because they remember the system before it started to deteriorate. They believe today’s kids deserve the same opportunities they had.

They became advocates for vouchers, and eventually opened their school. Under their watch, children didn’t just learn to take standardized tests. They developed leadership and problem-solving skills. They developed good character. When she saw these results, Betsy DeVos became even more committed to the cause. When President Trump called, she was easily able to show him that she’s the right person for the job.

When DeVos transitioned to the national level, people weren’t sure what to expect from her. Initially they discounted her, because of her politeness and pleasant demeanor. They had no idea that she was a born politician. In Michigan, people learned to fear her because she had such resolve. In a fight, DeVos gives everything she has. That’s not limited to her family’s money. She has a fine mind and a gift for strategy, too.

Betsy DeVos was appointed by Donald Trump not because of her wealth or connections. It’s because she gets things done. DeVos does not shy away from confrontation. For example, though she is not a supporter of unions, DeVos reached out to teachers’ union leaders early on. Although some have snubbed her, others have agreed to accompany her as she tours public schools.

The education establishment is finding that it’s best to work with Betsy DeVos, not against her. She is not bothered by media criticism or comedians making jokes at her expense. DeVos knows she has a job to do. She knows she has the tools to get it done, and she’s not afraid of anything.

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