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Shiraz Boghani

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Shiraz Boghani is a man who knows all about providing service and reaping the rewards of his efforts. His travels take him from as far as Kenya is to the United Kingdom. Along the way, there are times of hard work, smart business moves and also of riches gathered in the name of progress and innovation.

In the end, Shiraz ends up as Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group which is kind of a big deal on its own.

But on top of this accomplishment he is also awarded Hotelier of the Year in the Asian Business Awards for 2016. This is a recognition of his sharp business mind, dedicated commitment and groundbreaking progress, not just for the field he works in but for his community as well. As a matter of fact, he has more than three decades worth of experience in the hotel industry. Shiraz Boghani oversees 19 different locations and he is credited with bringing such innovative concepts as limited hotels to the United Kingdom.

There are many names for some of the crown jewels and his long line of accomplishments. One of his biggest accomplishments just happens to be the Hilton London Bankside.

But, this businessman is just not all about his money or legacy. He is also focused on helping others and answers to a higher power himself as a leader of men within his business organizations. That is a precisely why he donates generously to the Aga Khan Foundation which does everything it can for those in need in the United Kingdom. But he also donates to the Aga Khan Development Network which does all that it can for those in need across the globe.

And, it’s not surprising that Shiraz understands the value or teamwork. That is why he praises the support and guidance that he gets from the Splendid family organization which is where he gets his support and guidance from. However Shiraz is not just all about hospitality and providing service for people who are feeling just fine.

He also has a genuine concern for helping those who are in need of medical care as well. That is why he is a joint partner in Sussex Health Care, a group of highly trained and caring medical professionals who help others every day of the year.

As if that was not enough to make him a good person, he also donates his time and energy to charitable organizations as a hands-on contributor. This means that he’s not just a believer in check book charity. He actually rolls up his sleeves and gets his hands sweaty while helping others.

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Scott Rocklage medical career is pretty impressive

Dr. Scott Rocklage is Managing Partner for 5AM Ventures. They help build life science companies to their full potential. He has over three decades of experience in his field, particularly the healthcare management field. Under his leadership the FDA approved of three U.S. New Drug Applications. They are called Cubicin®, Omniscan™, and Teslascan®. Dr. Rocklage has also sat on a number of boards in his career. Scott received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of California. After that he went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT to get his Ph.D. in Chemistry.


Everyday can be different for him with some days he is working with the portfolio company’s management team and other studying life science. It changes day to day. There is one thing that keep him productive each day and that is being well organized. Scott is on top of prioritization, keeping up with his calendar and time management. That is how he is able to get everything done that he needs. All that is important, but finding the right team from the beginning, one regret he has. The doctor suggest readers look at their future and think about what they want. You will not get rich while working for others, jumping into the pool or entrepreneurship can get you there. Of course it’s scary but you cannot succeed in life without some sort of risk involved. That’s just the truth. Scott Rocklage had taken a number or risks in his life and they have panned out well. He has worked as a President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of multiple big companies during his career. He has worked at Nycomed Salutar, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, and Nycomed Interventional. Dr. Rocklage is particularly interested in one trend that targets certain genotypes mutations to uniquely treat cancer. There has been a lot of progress with this type of treatment and has saved lives already. The future of this also look promising. A personal strategy Scott uses to grow his businesses is to stick to his strengths, not just go with the trends. You will experience more success when you focus on what you are good at.


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How Did Lime Crime Become Such A Huge Success?

Are you interested in the cosmetics industry? Have you ever heard of Lime Crime? Lime Crime can generally be thought of as the hot new brand in makeup. It produces some of the best liquid matte lipsticks on the market today. The company has a line of lipsticks, lip gloss, foundations and hair care products. Ingenuity is the key to success and this company personifies this notion the best. Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime, is a young woman that has an old soul in a sense. She has parlayed her sense of style into a flourishing career in just 10 years. Deere believes that every person has something special about themselves and that each person should follow their heart. This is exactly what she has done as this woman has laid the blueprint to success.


After moving to the United States at the age of 17, Deere quickly joined a band. She has had this strong passion for music ever since a very young age. This band played in and around the New York City metropolitan area, and it has had some success. Deere learned a lot about marketing during this time, but her focused shifted to another past love. Between the years of 1998 and 2012, Deere had moved from Russia, joined a local band and had found love with a band member. Her next step was to attend FIT in New York City. She majored in fashion design at this prestigious school and this would lay the foundation of success that would be coming soon after. Doe Deere started an Ebay fashion/cosmetic line in 2004, but the company didn’t really score big with consumers. After revamping her style, she would reintroduce her new line in 2008.


Lime Crime was now official, and it offered some of the brightest and boldest of colors in makeup. No other brand was doing thing and since that time, no other brand hasn’t truly been able to duplicate the success. She had finally found her niche and the company has been soaring to new heights ever since. Doe Deere is truly an American hero as she has helped people to express themselves in an unapologetic, colorful way. Learn more:


Dick DeVos Helps Others

Dick DeVos is someone that people have become well acquainted with as he has given back so much to education. I think that people appreciate a businessman like this that realizes the need to give back. He is a billionaire several times over, but he is also a Christian that believes to whom much is given much is required.


People that have heard of Dick DeVos are well aware that he has engaged in many different business ventures. I know of Dick Devos because he is someone that had a famous father that I looked up to. His father started Amway, and many people know about this company and all the products that they could buy through this organization.


Dick DeVos put his time into taking care of this business and paving a way to success after his father passed the torch. I think that this was a commendable thing for him to do, and I believe that this also allowed him to cut his teeth on what it would be like to be in a leadership role.


From this point Dick DeVos would be able to move on and start other companies outside of Amway. He would continue to stay in a leadership role as he picked up the paste and ventured into other areas of business.


The Dubose family has given a lot back to education, and I certainly believe that this is all a result of the fascination that Dick DeVos had with investing in other businesses. He has been able to give back a substantial amount to the education system because he has made a lot of good business decisions.


Dick DeVos has been the investor that has always stayed in touch with his core principles of getting to know about the business that he is investing in. He has never been one to simply throw money into a business without being passionate about it. This is the same trait that his father had. That is why he was successful with Amway. In the very same way this is the reason that Dick Devos has also been successful in his business endeavors.


I commend him for that, and I also appreciate the fact that he started a foundation with his wife where even more money could be given to school systems. It definitely shows that Dick Devos is a person that cares about helping others succeed.


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Securus Technologies: Assisting With Inmate Monitoring

When it comes to prison communications technologies, there is no other company quite like Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies has been in the business for an incredibly long time and is currently one of the top communication service providers in the entire country. The company has served millions of inmates in America as well as in Canada. The company takes pride in the quality of services that they provide and tries its best to continually upgrade the technology that they use to stay ahead of the competition. The company is far ahead of most of the competition in its sector, and it is mainly due to the incredible care that they take to ensure that their services are top notch. The company offers services in voice as well as video calling which inmates can avail of following the prison guidelines and regulations.


In addition to calling services, Securus Technologies also offers inmate monitoring services that have aided public safety incredibly. There is always going to be scope for criminal activity if inmates are allowed to have communication with the outside world, and one of the best ways to help prevent this is through inmate monitoring systems, which Securus Technologies has implemented in all of the facilities that they are active in. These monitoring systems have helped to keep track of all the conversations that inmates have with their friends and family on the outside. These conversions are also stored for future reference so that they can be presented as evidence if any court demands it. In the past, these monitoring systems that Securus Technologies has in place have helped nab criminals who have been engaging in illegal activities inside the prisons, using the communication services that Securus Technologies provides.


Several prisons all over America now heavily depend on the monitoring systems that they offer and use them to keep better track of their inmates.


Moving On With Livio Bisterzo

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One of the most rapidly expanding natural snack food companies has intensified its investor backing with funding from actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio.

Livio Bisterzo, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of HIPPEAS, said DiCaprio joins Strand Equity Partners in making financial support available to the company.

Livio Bisterzo shared in a statement how excited he is to bring in partners who have the same regard and insight as HIPPEAS.

According to Seth Rodsky, co-founder and managing partner of Strand Equity Partners, he looks forward to the future advancement and growth of snacking through the collaboration. The size of the investment was not disclosed.

In addition to setting up the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in 1998, academy award winner and activist DiCaprio functions on many environmental boards such as the World Wildlife Fund, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, the National Geographic’s Pristine Seas and more.

Leonardo DiCaprio also recently invested in sustainable seafood brand, Love in the Wild.

Bisterzo, who currently lives in Los Angeles, lived in the UK for several years and attended London’s University of the Arts. He began his entrepreneurial journey with his own events company after graduation. Other businesses include ventures in consumer brands and hospitality.

Livio Bisterzo founded Green Park Holdings in 2015. The company, which develops advanced multichannel food and beverages, launched its first brand HIPPEAS, a year later.

HIPPEAS, the light, crispy, chickpea-based healthy snacks, are certified organic, vegan, gluten-free and kosher. A 1-ounce serving bundles 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber into a low calorie snack.

Flavors include vegan White Cheddar, Sriracha Sunshine, Bohemian Barbecue, Far Out Fajita among others. They are available in 20,000 stores across the United States and the United Kingdom.

The company’s philosophy revolves around “taste good” and “do good.” In keeping with that way of thinking, a portion of every purchase goes to Farm Africa, a charity that helps farmers in rural east Africa.

Research firm Packaged Facts disclosed the sales of chickpea snacks in 2016 increased 150 percent. Market research firm Rogue Thought Consulting had the same opinion and found the numbers for chickpea snacks rose by 153 percent last year.

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Adam Milstein, Israel’s most renowned philanthropist

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With an empire that is worth more than $ 2 billion dollars in real estate, Adam Milstein has become one of Israel’s most renowned business mogul and a philanthropist. His investments and charitable acts towards his community have made him a very respectable member of the community. The great success that Adam Milstein has enjoyed over the years in real estate has been propelled by the fact all his properties are under the management of Hager Pacific Properties. Additionally, he also acts as its managing partner. As a managing partner, he is tasked with overseeing the company’s finances.

As result of his investments, Adam Milstein has significantly changed Israel’s landscape through the many beautiful buildings constructed under him. In addition to his great success as business mogul and investor, Adam Milstein is also famous for his charitable acts making him one of Israel’s most pro-active philanthropists. His generosity towards others in the society has enabled him to establish very strong ties with his Jewish community both in Israel and outside its borders. In order to ensure that his charitable acts are felt far and large in the Jewish community, Adam Milstein teamed up with his wife to establish a foundation.

Through their foundation, both Adam and his wife have been able to help mentor many students from all over the world with Jewish decent towards reconnecting with the ancestral homeland. The foundation funds many of the programs which try to educate these students about the importance of understanding their roots. This is very important as it has helped many of these students to appreciate where they came from as Jews.

As a form of recognition to the important role that his foundation undertook in reconnecting Jew students from around the world with Israel, Adam Milstein name was enlisted into as one of top 200 social entrepreneurs and philanthropists. In addition to all his charitable acts, Adam Milstein also helped in founding the Israeli-American Council which plays a very important role in fostering a mutually beneficial agreement between the United States and Israel. Adam has for many years helped the council in the establishment of a favorable American foreign policy towards Israel and its people.

A Three Pronged Business Model Aids DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani

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The DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani appears to have moved effortlessly from the catering industry to the luxury real estate sector with the aid of a business model limiting the risk each time a new development is undertaken. This impressive way of conducting business has led to close links being formed by the Sajwani family to their long term business partners, the Trump family; even after Donald Trump was elected President of the U.S. DAMAC and its impressive founder were reported to be looking for new business opportunities with the Trump organization with a value of over $2 billion.


For Hussain Sajwani the development of a new business model has become an important part of the impressive work being done by the DAMAC group and includes three specific points that have allowed the company to develop from a catering service to one of the world’s leading luxury real estate developers. Hussain Sajwani believes it is important for his real estate developments completed through DAMAC to enjoy a certain level of independence and financial stability not often associated with the luxury real estate sector; after developing the business in 2002 as a real estate specialist, Hussain Sajwani requires every DAMAC development to purchase the land used outright and keep every escrow account separate from other developments taking place within the DAMAC group of businesses.


The Hussain Sajwani family has also developed a number of important philanthropic activities designed to aid those in the greatest need across the Middle East and includes a major effort to help underprivileged children across the United Arab Emirates. The founder of the DAMAC group has made a number of philanthropic donations, including more than $2 million to provide clothing for more than 50,000 children through The Ramadan Initiative Hussain Sajwani has backed in the UAE. Within the UAE the holy month of Ramadan has become a period of time focused on by many humaitarian groups looking to provide heating and clothing for children in high levels of distress and need, a series of campaigns DAMAC founder Hussain Sajwani has become a major donor towards.


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Kim Dao Takes A Trip To The Shrine

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Kim Dao explains that she took a break so she could spend time with her host family. She wanted to make more memories with them before she leaves Japan. She plans on traveling before she heads back to Australia. She is about to meet up with her friend in Kyoto. She wants to try fire ramen. She plans on taking some good pictures while she is there. Kim Dao has some errands to run including taking a package to the post office. Learn more:


Kim Dao meets up with her friend. They find the place with the fire ramen. Kim Dao enjoys the experience. They relax and enjoy the scenery for awhile. They head to the shrine to take some pictures. It is very quiet in the area. Kim Dao picks up some water before going to the shrine. They share some food. They took a lot of photos and recorded a lot of footage. Learn more:


Kim Dao is sad that she might not see her friend for awhile. They enjoyed their day together. They head back to the station. She has dinner with her host family. She doesn’t feel very well; she has a headache. It is her final night with her host family. She has some dessert with her friend. Learn more:


Kim Dao is back home and ready to go to sleep.


Take a look at her video here.